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Citrus Fruits
Offering Apple at the Market


Where to buy groceries?

Local Market, open from 7 to 17hrs. You can find fish, beef, chicken, vegetables, fruits and a bit of handcrafts.

Mini Super 69, open from 6 to 22hrs, is the closest grocery store to Quinta / Villa Lili. Good selection.

Puerto Verde

 Zicatela Market

Chedraui is the biggest supermarket in town (like a Wal-Mart).

Where to wash your clothes?
On the Boulevard Benito Juarez there are 2 laundry places, drop your clothes and later you can pick it up. The cost is around 15 pesos per kilogram.


On the Boulevard Benito Juarez there is one ATM in the Minisuper 69, but we have ATMs in town and banks (Banamex, Bancomer, Banorte, Santander and HSBC). The Closest is Santander

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